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A New Path-Web Business (L1)

This is a new adventure in my path of learning. To learn how to create a business web is not easy. I thought I just need to have a product and a web page to start up the business.

To start is recommended to obtain some knowledge concerning: ideas about the product or service, business model, Google AdWords and so on.

There are many business model on web, the most common is Merchant Model: seller of goods and service like Amazon, Apple; Affiliated Model such as pay-per-click; and Brokerage Model like Pay Pal, Amazon.

Business Models on the Web 

For some people choosing a business model than the product first gives better result to start a web business. For me I prefer to have options of products before picking a business.  I learned from business people That great ideas come from necessities. Those who start a business work toward to satisfy those needs.

BizThoughts Brainstorming Business Ideas

Russell Brunson and his Secret Magic Box 3 pointers for Choosing an Business to Start 

The key Planner tool can help a lot to compare demand and competition between products or services on the web.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO

I did not know anything google AdWords a service that really cost money per click. If a person wants his/her business name appear when some client click some word related to the business name that cost money. The good think is that there are alternative options to set limits per click. Here a link to know a little more.


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